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Travel and personal details

Fill in the fields below and send a rental inquiry. Move forward in the query by pressing the "next" button, finally press the "submit" button. You will receive a rental offer in your email that does not yet bind you to anything.

Fields that are marked with bold text are required.

1. Travel and personal details2. Equipments3. Confirmation4. Summary
1.1 Schedule1.2 Travel details1.3 Renter details

Departure from 8am-10am=1day, 11am-2pm=1/2day, 3pm-7pm=0day
Return from 8am-10am=0day, 11am-2pm=1/2day, 3pm-5pm=1day

Booking calendar, for viewing only

Booking times may be affected by the departure and return times of the previous or next renter. See the booking calendar below by clicking on the booking bar for the car in question to see those times. In the upper right corner of the calendar, next to the text Print, there is a small triangle from which you can click to select which car's booking status you want to view. The default is all cars. The color bar is the reservation